United Doesn't Let Girls Wearing Leggings On Flight

March 26th 2017

Nicole Levin

United Airlines allegedly refused to let a ten-year-old on the plane—over her leggings. 

On Sunday, while waiting for a flight from Denver to Minneapolis Shannon Watts, mother of five and founder of @MomsDemand, witnessed a gate agent stop a girl from getting on the plane.


Watts quickly tweeted the episode. "These were not private conversations," she told Daily News, "they were happening in front of everyone. [Passengers] looked frantic as they were boarding." 



When she asked United if it was their policy, United initially responded as if any passenger could face such fashion restrictions. The airline reserves the right to refuse transport for passengers based on their Contract of Carriage. 


United later tweeted that the passengers on the flight were United Pass holders and were representing the company. United employees have certain travel privileges on the airline's routes, on the condition that they adhere to a dress code.


United did not immediately respond to an ATTN: request for comment.

Later, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin clarified for The Washington Post that "Our regular passengers will not be denied boarding because they are wearing leggings or yoga pants" but that "when flying as a pass traveler, we require this pass travelers to follow the rules, and that is one of those rules." 

However, Twitter users were less eager to let the airline off the hook. Some criticized United for shaming women for wearing leggings, saying whether they are employees or not, the standard seems intrusive. Some people were even inspired to share their own stories of when they were shamed for their clothing.