Episode 1: Welcome to "Got Your Attention"

January 11th 2017

ATTN: Staff

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Welcome to the first episode of "Got Your Attention," ATTN:'s first foray into the world of podcasting. On this week's episode we discuss the Golden Globe awards, which took place on Sunday, January 8. There's a lot to be said about the intersection of entertainment, popular culture, and politics. Actress Meryl Streep was honored, and used her speech to call out President-elect Donald Trump. Streep and a long list of other celebrities vocally endorsed Trump's opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Celebrity endorsements didn't seem to move the needle much for Clinton, so does Streep's speech matter? 

Senior Editor Sarah Gray, Lead Editor Dave Fonseca, Senior Social Trends Editor Omri Rolan, and Head of Editorial Mike Vainisi discuss this and more in this week's episode. The staff also tackles #OscarsSoWhite, plantation weddings, and the one thing that President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump have in common.

Podcast notes:

Read more about the stories we did (and didn't) talk about this week on "Got Your Attention."

  • Women are tweeting the hashtag #DearBetsy at Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, for a very important reason.
  • Why is Meryl Streep calling out President-elect Donald Trump at the Golden Globes such a big deal?
  • Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynold kissed during the Golden Globes, and there are gay men who are not happy about it.
  • Donald Glover called Migos 'the Beatles of his generation.'
  • A poet couldn’t answer a standardized test questions about her own poem. Her reasoning about why she couldn’t answer the question is more proof that these tests are complete BS.
  • Republicans are facing a dilemma: repealing Obamacare will be really unpopular. So what if they just fake it?
  • While you were watching the Golden Globes, Barack Obama gave an interview where he revealed the one thing he and Donald Trump have in common.
  • A major event is about to take place in Antarctica and it could have a pretty big impact.

What is the "Got Your Attention" podcast?

If you've ever wondered how the staff pitch and select the stories that you read or watch on ATTN:, we're giving you an inside listen. ATTN: Media is excited to announce "Got Your Attention," a podcast where ATTN: staffers compete to have their pitches accepted by our host — while also unpacking some of the week's most important headlines.

The game is simple: Three ATTN: staff members — Senior Social Trends Editor Omri Rolan, Staff Writer Danielle DeCourcey, and Senior Editor Sarah Gray — pitch their best stories to our host and Head of Editorial Mike Vainisi. If Mike picks their story, they get a point, and the four discuss the story.