Chance the Rapper Just Made a Huge Move for His Hometown Schools

March 6th 2017

Almie Rose

Chance the Rapper gave a classroom of students the shock of their lives when he showed up with a $1 million check.

The "Coloring Book" rapper, also known as Chancelor Bennett, donated the money to the Chicago Public Schools Foundation on Monday, livestreaming his press conference on Instagram. The Chicago native said he made the donation, "to help cultivate Chicago creative minds. I'm committed to helping Chicago's children have quality learning experiences that include the arts," Chicago news WGN reports. 

He explained that he feels Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has failed the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, according to Chicago reporter Tina Sfondeles:

In December, Rauner vetoed a bill that "would have eased Chicago Public Schools' massive pension burden," The Chicago Tribune reported. This left a $215 million gap in funding CPS and teacher pensions, Chicago Sun Times reported, with Rauner's suggestions to "use tax-increment financing funds" or "adding the funding to the Illinois Senate’s pension bill and taking it out of the 'grand bargain' budget package'" being met with criticism and scorn from the city's residents.

After his Grammys win, Chance requested to met with Rauner to discuss possible solutions for CPS and the two discussed the issue on March 3.

However, the meeting didn't go well. "[...] Chance the Rapper brought national attention to the school district’s money woes following a meeting with the governor on Friday. The West Chatham native left the governor’s office criticizing his meeting, saying he felt 'flustered' and was offered 'vague' answers," Chicago Sun Times reported Monday.

When Chance spoke to Chicago news station WLS Friday, he said "[The governor] asked me where the $215 million was going to come from."

Though $1 million is a long way from $215 million, it's still a huge donation, which left many praising the rapper's commitment to his local community:

Chance also donated $10,000 to Westcott Elementary, where he held Monday's press conference, specifically.