This Watergate Journalist Just Called for an Investigation Into President Trump

March 5th 2017

Willie Burnley Jr.

In light of the Trump administration’s contested ties to Moscow, in this “perilous moment” veteran journalist Dan Rather is calling for the truth. The former CBS News anchor says Americans must demand an independent and bipartisan investigation into Russian influence on the White House.


Rather’s post follows unsupported accusations Trump made early Saturday morning against former President Barack Obama, claiming that his predecessor had Trump Tower wiretapped during the election. Trump likened the incident to Watergate—which Rather happened to cover while at CBS News.

A spokesperson from President Obama denied the claims and Democrats were quick to slam Trump over making the allegations while providing no evidence.

Rather, perhaps pining for a day when partisanship did not ultimately rule the day, said in his post:

“We need statesmen of steady head and temperament, willing to put country ahead of politics. We cannot afford for our democratic institutions to be consumed by a bonfire of lies, innuendos, and conspiracy theories.”