George Takei Just Called out Republicans for How They're Handling Their New Health Care Bill

March 2nd 2017

Kyle Fitzpatrick

While Republicans have openly committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act for years, they've been less than eager to share their plan to do so with the public. 

On Thursday, Vox.com reported that a draft of the Republican plan to replace Obamacare went missing as a result of leadership keeping it under extraordinary lock and key.

As if the subplot of a third tier basic cable political drama, the bill went missing—and no one on Capitol Hill seemed to be able to track it down.

Representatives from Texas Republican Kevin Brady to New York Democrat Paul Tonko went on a hunt to find and read the bill but sadly found themselves empty handed, staring into empty rooms where the bill was supposed to be but wasn’t.

Congressional Republicans' actions stand in stark contrast to President Barack Obama, who consciously strived to earn support for his healthcare plan from moderate Republicans, like Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Utah's Orrin Hatch. 

Concerned citizens like George Takei are mad at the lack of transparency.

In response to Senator Rand Paul’s insistence that he would get to the bottom of the legislation's location, Takei opened the shade room to tell Paul and all representatives that he believes the bill is intentionally being hidden away because it simply isn’t a thorough replacement despite, Republicans claims.

Time will tell if the bill is indeed a valid replacement but, until it makes an before Congress or at least is allowed viewing by other representatives, all we have is spectulation. And, as of 8PM in Washington, DC, the bill has yet to surface.

Perhaps Scooby Doo, et al, will ferret it out in the dead of night.