Twitter Responds to 'the Future Liberals Really Want' Meme

March 2nd 2017

Kyle Jaeger

What kind of future do liberals want? It depends on who you ask on Twitter this week.

After a far-right account shared an image of a drag queen and woman wearing a niqab — with the caption "This is the future liberals want" — on Wednesday, dozens of Twitter users responded by sharing satirical versions to the offensive tweet.

Here's the original tweet, from user @polNewsNetwork1.

And here are some of the reactions.

On a serious note, Americans who identify as liberal are more racially diverse and tend to embrace socially progressive issues such as sexual and gender equality. In terms of what liberals want, though, recent polling indicates that the group support gun control, racial equality, and environmentalism.

The drag queen featured in the picture, Gilda Wabbit, says the photo was originally posted on the Twitter account @subwaycreatures to highlight the diversity of the city.

While @polNewsNetwork1 tweeted the photo in a derisive manner, the picture still seems to have served its original intent. 

[h/t BuzzFeed]