Cartoons Show How the Rest of the World Views Trump's First Month in Office

March 3rd 2017

Mike Rothschild

In January, ATTN: spotlighted foreign cartoonists' depictions of the ascent of President Donald Trump. Freed from the constraints of partisan politics, the artists of the cartoon world's creativity seemingly went wild with their illustrations of Trump, including, cartoons like the one below from Costa Rica's Arcadio Esquivel:

A Presidential Dream Comes True

Or this comic, from an unknown artist in Baghdad:

Trump Shooting Arrow


The world's cartoonists have taken a similar free hand to depicting Trump's first month in office - and the results are just as vicious. Here are just some that offer a glimpse into what other countries likely think of the current U.S. president.

Pareesh Nath of the The Khaleej Times in the United Arab Emirates depicts the first victim of Trump's "deportation squads" - Lady Liberty herself.

Deporting Lady Liberty

Michael Kountouris of Greece pokes fun at the intrigue surrounding Trump's links to Russia by showing a swath of blondish hair poking out of a Russian nesting doll.


Arend Van Dam of the Netherlands is even more explicit in this cartoon.

He depicts Trump serving as a Trojan horse for Russian "little green men" - the masked, Russian-speaking soldiers in green uniforms who were involved in the annexation of Crimea, and said to be "local militia" by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russians in USA

Trump's relationship with Senior Advisor Stephen Bannon has also been fodder for foreign cartoons. "Input," drawn by Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams in De Groene Amsterdammer in January, is explicit about who the boss really is between the two men.


Slovakia's Marian Kamensky also has his own interpretation of Bannon's role - that of a decrepit, KKK emblem-wearing puppetmaster controlling Trump, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Real American Tragic Comedy

Trump's Twitter habit also came under fire from Van Dam of the Netherlands, in this cartoon that needs no further explanation:

The small German leftist paper Neues Deutschland mocked Trump's stance toward Mexico with this defiant cartoon by Rainer Hachfeld:

Trump, Mexico

And on the subject of Trump's crackdown on immigration, Costa Rica's Arcadio Esquivel uses social media imagery to depict a group of prospective American citizens being told they can't come in.

Immigrants Drama

As Trump's policies continue to have consequences around the world, expect cartoonists to continue their own creative depictions of the president and his administration.