Episode 8: Interview With Sen. Elizabeth Warren

March 1st 2017

ATTN: Staff

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In an interview with ATTN:'s Editor in Chief Matthew Segal, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said there's one thing she thinks President Donald Trump is right on: The system is rigged. They differ of course on what that system is — and how to fix it.

"He did say 'the system is rigged,' many times during his campaign — " Segal stated.

"No kidding!" Warren responded.

"And he said he was qualified to un-rig it," Segal continued. "Why did people gravitate toward that message?" 

"You know, because the half of the sentence is right: The system is rigged," Warren explained. "The problem is, it is rigged in favor of people just like Donald Trump."

Trump largely made this repeated claim about our political systems; ABC News has a list of things he claimed were "rigged" during the campaign. The system Warren is referring to is our financial system.

Long before becoming an icon for the progressive movement, and a symbol for strong and persistent women, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was advocating on behalf of consumers. Prior to her election to the U.S. Senate, Warren was the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), with the goal of holding Wall Street accountable after the 2008 financial crisis. She also helped establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the Obama administration.


On this week's "Got Your Attention," in addition to our roundtable game, we'll hear the full interview between Segal and Sen. Warren, recorded in Washington, D.C. last month. Warren discusses how she thinks President Donald Trump will ultimately hurt consumers and not "drain the swamp" as he promised. Warren believes strongly that Trump's financial policies will only rig it further against consumers rather than help them.

Elizabeth Warren

The "Got Your Attention" crew — Mike Vainisi, Sarah Gray, Omri Rolan, and Danielle DeCourcey — also chat about the Oscars, Trump's healthcare comments, Spain's surprising new minister position, and marijuana policy under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Podcast notes:

Read more about the stories we did (and didn't) talk about this week on "Got Your Attention."

  • This New York Times piece titled “He’s a Local Pillar in a Trump Town. Now He Could Be Deported" is about the arrest of a man Juan Carlos Hernandez Pacheco, who was not only the manager of the local Mexican restaurant La Fiesta, but also a major community figure in this town of 8,000 — that is firmly Trump country.
  • A 19-year-old football player who kicked a coat hanger up up the rectum of a mentally disabled black teammate, just got his punishment: community service and probation.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions, states rights, and marijuana. Here's what he's said he'll do.
  • ATTN: editor Charles Davis' piece on what a marijuana crackdown could mean for the Mexican cartels.
  • And here are the congressmen in the Cannabis Caucus — which includes Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who has said he has used medical marijuana.
  • Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma are beefing in the style of Jay Z and Nas. (And you can weigh in on this diss track with @Omri_Rawrlan.)
  • At what point do Leonardo DiCaprio's dating habits start to seem creepy?
  • A transgender high school boy won a girls wrestling competition in Texas, and it started a big debate about transgender people in sports.
  • The Oscar winner for Best Documentary (Short Subject), “The White Helmets," is on Netflix; it documents a group that rescues civilians after bombings in Syria. ATTN:’s editor Charles Davis just wrote a story about toll of the Syrian conflict on children.
  • Spain has introduced a new position: Minister of Sex. Here's why.
  • A national African-American gun club has doubled its membership since Election Day, and gun sellers say they've noticed more black customers buying firearms.
  • On Monday, President Trump said that, "Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated."
  • Rhiannon Giddens kicked off her record release (for "Freedom Highway") by playing at the maximum security prison Sing Sing. According to the New York Times, it was part of the "Carnegie Hall’s Musical Connections program, which sponsors educational outreach at Sing Sing, helping participating inmates learn to play instruments and compose."
  • Read more about Attorney General Jeff Sessions on police by ATTN:'s Kyle Jaeger.

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