Carnivals Around the World Depict President Trump

March 1st 2017

Mike Rothschild

The coming of Mardi Gras means people around the world taking to the streets with floats, dancing, and spectacle. And it's no surprise that the election of Donald Trump dominated the carnival zeitgeist the same way it dominated the news, and it's also no surprise that the depictions of him were almost universally unflattering to the point of being savage. Trump Le Pen Weelders

This float from the carnival in Dusseldorf is unsparing in lining up Adolf Hitler, Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, and Trump with the caption "blonde is the new brown."

Another float from Dusseldorf depicted President Trump defiling Lady Liberty ...

Trump defiling lady liberty

...but Lady Liberty gets her revenge by decapitating the president and holding his severed head aloft - prompting outrage from Breitbart.com, who decried the "violent imagery" on display.

lady liberty revenge on trump

These "Trump virus hunters" are suited up for action watching the carnival in Dusseldorf.

Trump Virus Hunters

Viareggio, Italy's carnival took a number of shots at President Trump. This one mocks American pop culture and shows him as a neon-crusted birds nest of hair.

trump hair bird nest

Depictions of President Trump's proposed "Mexican wall" were also popular in Brazil, with a number of floats and revelers dressing up as giant brick walls.

Trump Wall Costume