This Blogger's Before-and-After of Her Skin Condition With and Without Makeup is Gaining Praise for Its Honesty

February 24th 2017

Almie Rose

A fitness blogger is gaining praise for showing a very honest before-and-after photo that many people are relating to — and it has nothing to do with weight.

Carys Gray of Cardiff, Wales, has a large following on Instagram for not only her fitness routine, but for pulling the curtain back on what Instagram "goals" actually look like.

Gray, who posts as busybeefitness, has a skin condition known as eczema, and her before-and-after photo of her in makeup and without during a skin flare-up has gotten more than 80 thousand likes since she posted it on February 17.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Gray writes, "Slightly different #REALITYCHECK today! We all have good days and we all have bad days😞 I have a skin condition called eczema and sometimes my skin is happy as Larry and sometimes it has flare ups😟."

She continues, getting to the heart of the issue:

"Social media/Instagram will show the good days. The good parts of people and their lives and that's ok!! That's what social media is for! ‼️ But here's a reminder that next time you see something on social media that you think is 'goals' that it's not the full story, it's not how that person will look or be alllllll the time!

"I'm still struggling to accept myself on the right, it's a big insecurity of mine and that's fine. I'm learning to accept myself knowing that everyone has their own struggles and insecurities and that's what makes us unique and special."

Instagram users are praising Gray for showing her reality — especially those who also suffer from the sometimes painful skin condition:

Carys Gray instagram

Carys Gray instagram

Though all genders with eczema would likely feel pressure to hide their inflammation, Gray mentions in the photo that she uses makeup when the condition is "under control" but that even without makeup both versions of her are "both me, both real and both totally acceptable."

What's especially encouraging is Gray isn't the only Instagram blogger to show how certain clothes and makeup, along with the right pose and lighting can create an alternate reality on social media.

"I literally took these 30 seconds apart," fitness model Rose Scarborough wrote with the above photo. "I get irritated with phony before and after pics!"

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