This Viral Twitter Stream Destroys the Lie About ACA 'Death Panels'

February 12th 2017

Willie Burnley Jr.

Twitter user @SaraKateW on Saturday shared the heartbreaking story of her father’s last few weeks of life to reveal the reality behind what Republicans continue to call "death panels" in relation to the Affordable Care Act.

Far from the dire characterization by Republican lawmakers, the Affordable Care Act actually provided a humane and dignified end-of-life option for @SaraKateW's father, she said.

@SaraKateW posted a series of tweets on Saturday about her father's experience under Obamacare after he developed radiation pneumonitis from cancer treatment.

His doctor told the family that he would not get better. A counselor was able to explain to them her father’s end-of-life options.

Because of that conversation, they were able to decide how best to move forward and spend the last moments together in relative happiness, she tweeted

The ability to speak to a counselor about end-of-life services without any cost to patient’s families has been referred to as "death panels" by opponents of the Affordable Care Act since 2009, including earlier that same Saturday by a Republican operative in Florida.

@SaraKateW said that people should "scream at them that they lie" and fight to save the ACA.

The string of tweets went viral, another example of the backlash — including raucous town hall meetings — against Republican lawmakers who have fought to dismantle the ACA without a replacement.

Democrats, meanwhile, have already introduced their own measure to provide universal health care through a single-payer system in the United States.

You can see @SaraKateW's full series of tweets about her father’s last weeks here.