People Are Boycotting Budweiser Over a Super Bowl Ad With a Strong Message

February 5th 2017

Willie Burnley Jr.

The Budweiser beer ad that will appear during Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast has become a surprising target for protest after it dramatized the beer brand's founder struggling as an immigrant from Germany as he attempts to integrate into American society.

People took to social media with the hashtag #BoycottBudweiser — calling for a boycott of the 150-year-old brand — to protest what they argue is politically correct propaganda.

The minute-long ad comes at a time of anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States, particularly against Arab and Muslim immigrants.

The ad airs only days after a federal judge stepped in to block President Donald Trump's executive order temporarily banning foreign nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Trump has argued that his ban is meant to keep Americans safe from terrorism imported from other countries, though no terrorist has come from any of the countries on his list.

The calls to boycott Budweiser have generated their own backlash.

Opponents of Trump's immigrant ban hijacked the #BoycottBudweiser hashtag to criticize those calling for a boycott.

Budweiser, for its part, has said that the timing of the ad is just a coincidence.