How Cartoonists Around the World Have Depicted Trump

February 3rd 2017

Mike Rothschild

Following the 2016 election, foreign publications published a number of unflattering covers of the victorious Donald Trump.

Trump in German Newspaper

Editorial cartoonists in foreign papers have similarly hammered Trump.

A cartoon from a newspaper in Baghdad that depicts Trump shooting an arrow through a prisoner about to be executed by a black-clad ISIS member (pointedly claiming the U.S. president's immigration ban is doing the terror group's dirty work for them).

Iraqi Trump Cartoon

In February 2016, The Independent cartoonist Brian Adcock portrayed Trump's candidacy as a hugely distracting temper tantrum that took over one of last year's GOP debates.

Scottish Trump Cartoon

Filipino cartoonist DengCoy Miel drew the following comic titled "Trump You All Down" for Singapore's Strait Times newspaper.

Trump You All Down

Slovak cartoonist Marian Kamensky referenced the infamous kompromat dossier, released in January, to depict the president working for a shirtless, Kalashnikov-toting Vladimir Putin and hauling a load of sex tapes.

Make Alaska Russian Again

Kamensky also took aim at Trump's senior advisor Steve Bannon, who has been accused of being both a white nationalist and the secret power behind Trump's actions — charges Bannon has denied. In this cartoon, he depicts Bannon as a Nazi horse-whisperer, quietly ordering President Trump what to do.

Nazi Horse Whisperer

Costa Rica's Arcadio Esquivel has taken a number of shots at Trump, depicting candidate Trump as killing himself with his own rhetoric in an October cartoon called "Big Mouth Guy."

Arcadio Esquivel

But after Trump's election, Esquivel, like many other cartoonists, took his work in a far darker direction. This cartoon shows Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin running toward each other like lovers.

Arcadio Esquivel

Christo Komarnitski of Bulgaria reflected Trump's takeover of the Republican party in an October cartoon by showing him as a caveman in a dollar sign tunic.

Christo Komarnitski

In a more complimentary drawing from November, St. Petersburg cartoonist Alexandr Zudin shows Trump carrying Barack Obama and Obamacare toward a garbage can.

Russian Trump Cartoon

While this cartoon from Jordanian artist Osama Hajjaj for Al Arab Al Yawm doesn't mention Trump, it makes a clear statement about Trump's impact on Muslims in and out of the United States.

Osama Hajjaj Trump Cartoon

Finally, Angel Boligan, cartoonist for Mexico City paper El Universal, reflected his country's anger and insecurity over Trump's proposed wall on the US/Mexico border in this September cartoon — showing it as an Ark built to keep people out.

Angel Boligan Trump Cartoon