Watch "Reformed Redneck" Start a Valuable Conversation on Race

April 21st 2015

Ashley Nicole Black

Dixon D. White, the self-proclaimed reformed redneck, is taking the internet by storm. He posted a selfie-video (Internet, we need a term for this, vidie? selfieo?) of himself passionately discussing his transformation from a racist to an anti-racism activist. The response has been shocking. The video quickly went viral. White (Dixon White isn't his real name, he uses a pseudonym to keep himself safe) then posted on his Facebook page, challenging people to post their own selfieos in response. And the responses have been very touching. White has posted more videos and done interviews, all with the same message of encouraging white people in America to stop ignoring or making excuses for the state of race relations in this country and start taking personal responsibility for doing anti-racism work. 

Here is White's original video:

The video has gone viral because, in addition to being timely, it is smart, emotional, and at times funny. When White realized that the video was going viral, he posted a call on his Facebook page for other white people to post videos talking about their experiences with racism saying, "I am asking for a Racial Healing Video Selfie Challenge from everyone, take the challenge! Let's fix this damn thing! (The video should address our culture and systems of white supremacy without a "but" in it and without denial and defense of it.)" Other people are calling his challenge the "Dixon Challenge," and responses are pouring in. Here is one particularly moving video response, which includes some great resources for furthering your education if you are curious about how to get involved with anti-racism activism:

Will you take the Dixon Challenge?