Tweets That Defy Pres. Trump Have Disappeared From Twitter

January 24th 2017

Lucy Tiven

In the wake of the Trump administration's freeze on social media activity from the Environmental Protection Agency and several other federal agencies, Badlands National Park tweeted a series of facts about climate science. Soon after, the tweets vanished.

Before they disappeared, one of the tweets was shared by National Parks News along with an affectionate message.

NPCA tweet delete

Badlands National Park and National Park News could not be reached for comment at time of publication.

The tweets pointed out effects of man-made climate change including increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and ocean acidification.

badlands tweet

As Time explains, oceans become more acidic as they absorb carbon, which threatens coral, various water-dwelling animals and other marine life. Ocean sulfur levels can drop as a result of acidification, which researchers believe may exacerbate the effects of climate change, because sulfur cools the surface of the planet.

The relationship between ocean acidity and climate change is widely recognized and has been extensively reported on by the Guardian, Smithsonian Magazine, Nature, Think Progress, and other news outlets.

This was not the first time National Parks appeared to spar with the new White House.

The National Park Service's Twitter account was deactivated this weekend after retweeting images of crowd-sizes at President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama's respective inaugurations, the Washington Post reported. The NPS issued an apology tweet with a photo of a sun-streaked wooly animal wandering a road. Their Twitter account has since been reactivated.

On Twitter, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) shared a screenshot of the now-deleted Badlands tweets and criticized the White House's attitude toward science.