Chelsea Clinton Took a Stand on Bullying Barron Trump

January 23rd 2017

Nicole Levin

Chelsea Clinton knows what it's like to be thrust under the media spotlight as the child of the President of the United States. So it should come as no surprise that the former first daughter recently came to the defense of her new White House counterpart, Barron Trump, despite their families' major political differences. 

Chelsea Clinton's Post

On Sunday morning, Clinton posted that Barron deserved a chance "to be a kid" after he was the subject of a disparaging tweet from Saturday Night Live's Katie Rich, who joked that the 10-year-old "will be the first home school shooter."

While some criticized Clinton for using the same Facebook post to both support Barron Trump and criticize his father's policy agenda, the message was well received on Facebook. Over 123,000 people reacted to the post and another 10,000 people shared it on Facebook.  

Chelsea Clinton

Outrage over Rich's tweet was not limited to Trump supporters and former first daughters. 

After she was flooded with angry tweets, Rich deleted both her tweet and her Twitter account, and a Change.org petition that demanded NBC fire Rich collected over 80,000 signatures. The New York Times reports that Rich has been "indefinitely suspended." 

This is not the first time that public comments about Barron have spurred controversy. In November, a YouTube video speculated that Barron Trump was autistic. As ATTN: reported, after first lady Melania Trump threatened to sue, the video was deleted and the creator apologized. 

Historically, Barron is not the first to be mocked in the media. 

As a New York Times report recalled, SNL writers portrayed Amy Carter, who was nine-years-old at the time, as a spoiled brat. Amy's character complained to her father, "It's always the United States first, Amy second." 

Chelsea Clinton was often judged on her looks by the media.  In 1992 Executive Producer Lorne Michaels apologized for an SNL sketch that said that "adolescence had been thus far unkind" to the first daughter, but that she could be a "babe in the development." Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh likened Clinton to a dog. 

Jenna and Barbara Bush were often the subject on late night comedy, as well. When asked about the the flurry of jabs made about the Bush daughters' receiving a police citation for underage drinking, Tonight Show host Jay Leno commented, "When it's the lead story on the 6 o'clock news, I don't know how you not comment on it." 

The Obama daughters were not immune to harsh criticisms, either. In 2014 Elizabeth Lauten, a GOP staffer, resigned after saying that the Obama daughters should "show a little class."  Sean Spicer, who at the time was Republican National Committee communications director said, "children, especially the first daughters, are off limits."

The same, no doubt, applies to Barron Trump.