George Takei Shares 2 Key Ways People Can Respond to President Trump

January 20th 2017

Laura Donovan

Activist George Takei, a noted critic of President Donald Trump, shared an emotional Facebook post Tuesday about what people can do if they feel helpless under the nation's new leader.

Takei wrote that anyone who is upset with Trump's administration appointments, such as Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, should keep two major points in mind:

1. Remind ourselves that good government is a good thing.

"It is something that helps everyone, all of us," Takei wrote. "Without that belief, we are lost. And so we must find faith again in government, hard as that presently sounds."

2. Support our "best" leaders.

"[T]o help achieve this, we must raise up and support our best leaders, from those who toil for us at the local level, to the women and men of principle and grit in Washington. If we turn upon them, too, again we will be lost," Takei wrote. "We cannot allow the worst excesses and failures to define our expectations."

"When you feel anger, disgust, or fear from the latest piece of horrible news out of Washington, or feel shame or dismay at a 3 a.m. tweet from our new president, don’t dwell on that thing clouding your spirit," Takei continued. "That is what they want. That is in fact their tactic, a textbook manipulation, hoping you will take the bait."

Takei then went on to address those who may feel frustrated about the new administration:

"It means that you care about your fellow citizens, and this country, and what we stand for. It means you are paying attention and can recognize the threat we are under. Let your feelings reinforce and remind you of your own core values. Let each reaffirmation make you stronger."



Check out Takei's recent interview about Trump with ATTN: in the video below: