This Bar's 'Angel Shot' Is Helping Women Protect Themselves in Public

January 7th 2017

Willie Burnley Jr.

There are bad Tinder dates. Ones where when halfway through the exercise of trying to be affable to a relative stranger, the feeling of wanting to leave and relax with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s takes over. But then there are bad dates, which are brought on by the current match actually being an unsafe or violent person. One bar is trying to help women escape the latter, in a discreet and clever way.

The Iberian Rooster restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, placed a sign in the women’s bathroom that gives patrons instructions on what to do if they feel uncomfortable or threatened during their dates, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The trick is for patrons to order the non-existent “angel shot” at either the bar or at their table through a server.

ATTN: has previously written about other bars that have used similar tactics to protect women from unseemly dates and the lengths that some women will go through to protect each other, such as walking with in groups for protection or even confronting harassers for them.

The media attention that the Iberian Rooster is getting for their decision to confront this problem as best they can will almost certainly tip people going on dates off to the signal when it is used. As a result, other establishments seeking to copy the tactic should probably vary up the signal unsafe patrons deliver to servers. Otherwise, there's a chance that truly unruly men who understand this cry for help may do something rash.