Here Are the Best Jobs in America You Don't Know About

January 5th 2017

Danielle DeCourcey

More than 20 million students are enrolled in colleges and universities in the U.S., and many of them are still deciding what career path they want to follow. However, a new list of the "Best Jobs in America" reveals that some of the top jobs are positions you've probably never heard of before. 


CNN Money and Payscale ranked the 100 "Best Jobs in America" and the list gives insight into the future of the American workplace, with jobs related to technology and apps, and also health care and the environment. 

The list is based on growth, pay and "satisfying work," characteristics that are important to young Americans. 

In 2015, Fortune's Adam Miller wrote that professional growth is critically important to millennials in the work place and "more so than previous generations, millennials place great importance on social causes and sense of purpose."

Finding a job that fulfills these criteria, can mean preparation and career research now, while college students are still in school, including research on the lesser-known jobs. 

Here are five jobs from the "Best Jobs in America" list you've probably never heard of before:

1. Risk Management Director

A Risk Management Director works on preventing disasters and cleaning up after one happens. 

"When a hurricane knocks out a warehouse or a distribution center, the risk management director jumps into action, directing cleanup and rebuilding efforts and filing the necessary insurance claims," wrote CNN Money's Beth Braverman. 

Recently the job descriptions for this position have included preventing risks for companies including cybersecurity issues. 

2. Landman

"Texas oil well pumping."

A landman is "a liaison between energy companies, people who own mineral rights to the properties the companies would like to access, and government agencies," according to Braverman. 

The Petroleum Landman School in Oklahoma lists two types of petroleum landmen. An "in-house" landman is a person who has a degree in petroleum land management or energy management and works for an oil company.  

A "field landman" is usually an independent contractor, and usually reviews ownership documents about minerals and land. 

3. Quality Coordinator Nurse

A quality coordinator is a type of registered nurse who tracks a medical facilities' standards and works to keep them high, according to CNN Money. This type of nursing job usually has more regular hours than other jobs and some coordinators don't even wear scrubs to work. 

4. E-Learning Specialist

An e-learning specialist oversees the online employee development programs and courses for a company.

"They use strong communication skills to convey learning concepts to those being trained, and they innovate and improve current tutorials and classroom offerings so they are more engaging and scalable," wrote Payscale. "E-learning specialists use their strong leadership and instruction skills to motivate professionals to learn ideas and concepts in more efficient ways."

They also report high levels of job satisfaction, according to Payscale. 

5. User Experience Researcher

A user experience researcher studies interactions between users and products to come up with ways to improve the experience, according to CNN. This job is expected to grow by 19 percent in the next 10 years. 

Check out the rest of the list for the best jobs in the U.S. here

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