Bill Maher Calls out Trump's Questionable Use of Twitter

December 27th 2016

Mike Rothschild

It's become clear since his election that Donald Trump's Twitter account carries the power of the presidential bully pulpit. One 140-character insult or boast from the president-elect can shave billions off a company, sic an army of trolls on a union leader, or send the media into a nuclear war panic.

News outlets and pundits are beginning to push back. In an exclusive interview with ATTN:, Bill Maher castigated Trump for his hair-trigger responses and need to retaliate, saying, "It's insane that he just can't let anything go."



When discussing how Trump's campaign staff reportedly revoked his access to his Twitter account, the HBO "Real Time" host compared Trump to a fussy child whose toy was taken away. "Listen to how we're talking about the man who's gonna be the leader of the free world," Maher told ATTN: in the video. "Like a toddler. They took it away, and then when he was good, they gave it back to him."

Beyond that, Maher expressed dismay that Trump never appeared to face serious consequences for his tweets, adding, "The more he was being awful, the more [his supporters] liked it."


Maher isn't the only person who's openly spoken out about having had enough of Trump's Twitter output.

A Google Chrome plugin that users could install to get instant context and clarification for Trump's Twitter utterances was launched by The Washington Post's politics blog The Fix.

For those who don't use Chrome or Firefox, which also has the extension, The Washington Post created a Twitter account meant for contextualizing Trump's tweets. It will provide critical clarity for the chief executive's Twitter account, which has been called by his own incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer as a "really exciting" part of Trump's presidency.

Check out more of Bill Maher's comments on Trump's twitter use here:


Disclosure: Bill Maher is an investor in ATTN:.