Donald Trump's Shocking Reason for Avoiding Intelligence Briefings

December 11th 2016

Willie Burnley Jr.

President-elect Donald Trump has received significantly fewer intelligence briefings than his predecessors, and speculation has raged over why.

Trump finally gave a definitive answer to "Fox Sunday News" host Chris Wallace, and it's surprising.

"I'm, like, a smart person," Trump said, adding that he didn't "have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years."

Trump's attitude toward intelligence briefings — which are meant to keep him abreast of national and global security issues — is not likely to mollify critics who worry that he has too little experience to deal with foreign policy or national security issues.

Trump is the only president to be elected without having held previous office or a military rank.

This isn't the first time that Trump has made light of his lack of national security expertise.

Trump notoriously said during the campaign that he knows "more about ISIS than [President Obama's] generals do."

Trump's latest comments also come after he publicly questioned the competency of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA has been an integral part of the U.S. intelligence apparatus. But Trump slammed the agency after it concluded that Russia had interfered in the presidential election in order to favor him.

Trump said that Vice President-elect Mike Pence has received almost daily intelligence briefings. His top generals have also received the classified briefings.

Trump's statements seem to add credence to early indications that he may delegate much of his foreign policy responsibility to others in his administration.