Bernie Sanders' Response to If He Would've Won Against Trump Will Make You Cheer

November 14th 2016

Lucy Tiven

While appearing on "The View" Monday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got hit with a big question: could he have defeated President-elect Donald Trump in the general election?


“The answer is, ‘Who knows and who will ever know?'" Sanders told co-host Joy Behar. "The point is we gotta talk about the future and how we go forward."

Sanders unleashed a powerful message about holding Trump accountable to his populist campaign promises.

"When Mr. Trump says he’s going to be for the working class, you know what, we’ve got to hold him accountable," Sanders said. "We’re going to list all the things that he said. You want to raise wages? Hey, count me in."

Sanders went on to address the importance of raising the minimum wage to $15, pay equity for women, making prescription drugs affordable, bringing back jobs from overseas and rebuilding infrastructure. During Trump's victory speech Wednesday, he promised to dedicate considerable government spending to infrastructure.

Sanders also seemed to have some criticism for Trump's campaign rhetoric about race and immigration.

“We are not going to accept a president trying to divide us up," he said. "Our enemies are not some Latino guy, some Mexican-American working in a tomato field making nine bucks an hour.“

Also, Sanders warned Trump to start listening to climate scientists, referencing him calling climate change "a hoax" created by the Chinese in various tweets. Sanders made similar points in a Nov. 9 statement on the election.

Though Trump clenched victory after campaigning on a promise to "drain the swamp," his transition team has quite a few D.C. insiders and lobbyists, Politico reports.

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin, who acted as the Trump campaign's national finance chair, is reportedly being considered for a high-ranking position in the treasury department.

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