After Trump Victory, Neo-Nazis Target Fearful Groups Online

November 12th 2016

Willie Burnley Jr.

On Wednesday morning, when people awoke to the news that Donald Trump had become the President-elect of the United States, many took to social media to voice their opinions. Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, took this as an opportunity to incite his followers to harass people opposed to President-elect Donald Trump.

On Daily Stormer, Anglin embedded tweets from people who were afraid of how Trump’s policies would impact them because of their race, immigrant status, gender, or sexual orientation and told his followers that they could “troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves.”

In another post on the same day, Anglin wrote:

“Dear liberals,

You have never been humble in your victories over the White Man. You have gloated. You have insulted us, attacked us, threatened us, condemned us, even while you had the massive advantage over us.

Here's the thing: we are not going to be humble either.

We beat you. We beat you badly.

And now that you are on the ground, we are going to keep kicking you in the head.

I have heard there are no tears in heaven.

So you should probably just kill yourselves.

And you should livestream it.”

Since Trump’s election, LGBT suicide hotlines have already seen a spike in calls and a few trans teens have ended their lives. By Friday, more than 200 incidents of election-related harassment and intimidation had been documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Anglin's call to action could potentially lead to more trouble.