Michael Moore Lays out a Plan for Democratic Victory

November 9th 2016

Mike Rothschild

While scores of pollsters and pundits were steadfast in their prediction of a Hillary Clinton win in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, one notable figure who predicted a Donald Trump victory the whole time was Michael Moore.

As far back as December 2015, the filmmaker predicted a Trump victory in the primaries. In July, he laid out on his site five reasons why Trump would win the election -- all of which appear to have come true to some degree. Moore's argument hinged on his belief that the anger of working class Americans left behind in the economic chaos of the last eight years would propel Trump to take the four key Rust Belt states of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Sure enough, Trump won all four, and with them, enough electoral votes to take the presidency.

In the aftermath of Trump's win, Moore posted on his Facebook page five new precepts that he believes the Democratic party should adopt in order to win upcoming elections. The first point he made was to seize control of the Democratic party and "return it to the people." He went on to write that Democrats must not engage in the same obstructionism that plagued the last six years of Barack Obama's presidency, and he reiterated that Clinton won the popular vote, which indicated that more people agreed with her ideas than those of Trump.

Moore's full statement: