These Are the Only Two Groups That Went for Hillary Clinton

November 9th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

As presidential candidate Donald Trump edges closer to victory, two pieces of data help to explain his impending upset victory. 

CNN exit polls revealed that minorities and white college educated women are the only two major demographic groups that voted for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Here's a breakdown of the data from CNN: 

CNN exit polling data

As he's consistently polled throughout the election, Trump was successful with white men without a college degree. He got 72 percent of that vote. ATTN: has previously written about his "Make American Great Again" slogan's appeal to working class white people. 

However, Trump also did well with white women. 

Trump supporters:

  • 62 percent of white women without a college degree. 
  • 45 percent of white women with a college degree. 

CNN exit polling data

Trump's success with white women may be surprising following the October release of a video in which he admits to groping women during a 2005 conversation NBC broadcaster Billy Bush. 

The recording featured Trump taking about grabbing women "by the pussy." 

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