Donald Trump Isn't Going Away After This Election

November 9th 2016

Lucy Tiven

As Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the electoral college shrink rapidly, critics of her opponent are voicing their anxiety about the election results on Twitter.

Voters and pundits expressed concern about the implications of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's surge of support and prospects for victory.

Leading up to the election, critics like Mother Jones reporter David Corn, argued that that a massive Trump loss would illustrate a large-scale rejection of the candidate's divisive rhetoric about race and gender.

From Corn:

"As the campaign slouches toward the end, the question before the votes are tallied is this: Can the politics of hate carry Trump into the best property in Washington, DC? In the last 16 months, Trump has dumb-downed and made crass the nation's political discourse. He has inflamed the worst voter passions in a way Nixon could not even dream of. Will hate trump all? If Trump loses, the question after the election will be this: Is the defeat a repudiation of this style of politics?"

However, the closeness of Tuesday's race — and increasing possibility of a Trump win — indicates that the electorate is not forcefully rejecting Trump or his ideology.

Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau pointed this out in a tweet.

Whether Trump will emerge victorious remains uncertain but looks increasingly likely, as FiveThirtyEight reports.

Former "Daily Show" producer Baratunde Thurston summed up his feelings on the results in a bleakly-stated tweet.

Trump's unexpected success in battleground states and states previously considered part of the Democratic "firewall" show that Americans are certainly not rejecting Trump's candidacy on a massive scale.