How Pizza Is Helping Some Americans Vote

November 8th 2016

Almie Rose

Voters across the country are waiting in long lines at polling stations, and with tensions running high, there's maybe only one thing that can heal this nation: pizza.

Pizza to the Polls

If you feel for your fellow voters and want to help them without actually having to leave your house/office/apartment/bunker, you can send them a pizza pie.

It's called Pizza to the Polls. "Waiting in line sucks," it proclaim on its website. "Waiting in line with pizza sucks a little less." To make this day suck a little less, you can donate money towards one, two, four, or 10 pizzas. 

pizza to the polls

You report a long line at a polling place with link and an address; they deliver the pizza.

More than 1,800 pizzas ordered have already been sent to polling places in Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.

When we reached out to Pizza to the Polls, we were put in touch with Scott Duncombe, who previously worked for the Bus Federation, a group that encourages young people to vote, and volunteered in Colorado and Montana in previous elections. "I came up with the idea talking with my friends," he told ATTN: in an email, "and my buddy Noah Manger and I built the site and got it rolling last Sunday."

But why?

"I've seen the frustration of folks waiting to vote and of poll workers struggling to handled crowds.

And I know the unifying force Pizza can be — it warms your heart and your stomach in cold November, it's social and gets you talking to the people in line around you. We wanted to send that feeling to as many people as possible — given the record turnout and the decrease in polling place locations.

We also wanted to provide a way for people in states with better voting infrastructure to contribute to others on the ground  — most of our volunteers are in Oregon where we all vote by mail. This was our way to help voters in places like North Carolina or Pennsylvania that didn't have that luxury."

The idea makes — lines that stretch around blocks and take up to hours long to wait in can discourage people from voting. In Houston, Texas, a voting machine broke, resulting in an additional hour-long wait for those ine line, during which "about half" of voters left before they cast their vote, ABC News reported. Perhaps some pizza will lift the spirits of those waiting elsewhere, and keep them in line instead of heading home.

Though they didn't always agree, pizza did bring this foursome together:

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