Republican Woman's Tweets About Sexism in the Party Are Going Viral

October 11th 2016

Laura Donovan

A Midwestern Republican woman gained viral fame for going on a tweet storm about why she thinks Donald Trump is destroying her party.

Marybeth Glenn, a Wisconsin resident and writer who claims to have voted Republican ever since she was eligible to vote, shared more than a dozen tweets on Monday about why she cannot defend the GOP with Trump as the face of the party. She started by saying that she has defended the party against criticisms of sexism for years, but that she cannot stand by while certain people in the party stay silent or defend Trump's behavior. Her tweets follow the release of Trump's leaked 2005 comments in which he joked about sexually assaulting women.

Glenn specifically took issue with Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who told The Weekly Standard on Monday that he wouldn't consider Trump's "grab them by the p---y" remark indicative of sexual assault. She said that other men in the party have been guilty of shrugging off these comments as well. This comes after House Speaker Paul Ryan has expressed disgust with Trump's 2005 remarks yet refused to denounce the candidate entirely.

Glenn's tweets have garnered thousands of reactions and retweets — including responses from celebrities J.K. Rowling and Mark Ruffalo:

Though she has received a number of positive comments for her tweets, she has also experienced the very sexist treatment she warned people about:

Others have said that her party has been unfair to women for longer than Trump has been running for president:

"What drove me to the 'tweet storm' was this feeling of abandonment I think conservatives are experiencing," she told ELLE.com. "We've been supportive of these people for years when most Trump supporters couldn't stand them. We've knocked on doors, we've read their legislation and remained informed, we've really fought on their behalf, and we've dealt with horrific comments from Trump supporters for over a year only to have the people we support pander to this fringe faction that has no right to be calling themselves conservatives."

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