Rob Delaney's Tumblr Post Exposes the Real Problem With Top Republicans Who've Dumped Trump

October 10th 2016

Almie Rose

Comedian Rob Delaney of Amazon's "Catastrophe" (and epic Twitter burns), just unleashed a blistering Tumblr post about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Republicans, and the state of American politics that is being shared all over the Internet.

Titled "No Getting Off the Train," Delaney's viral Tumblr post explained why he's frustrated with the surge of Republicans who have suddenly denounced Donald Trump, and it appears he's tapped into an election-frustration that a lot of people are feeling.

Why Rob Delaney Says There's "No Getting Off the Train"

"Normally I try to motivate people to vote, register to vote & help others do the same based on policy," he stated in his piece.

"[...] But something happened yesterday that has operated on me more deeply than anything in any political campaign I’ve ever seen. It has triggered my lizard brain and I want to harm the people who’ve angered me. In a fun way!

"I’m not talking about the 'revelation' that Trump said he could take women and 'grab 'em by the pussy' in 2005. I’m talking about the Republicans who’d endorsed him and stood by him disavowing him on or after the day this news came to light.

"That’s what it took for you to disavow him?"

Delaney went on to write that he's "not a total moron," and he theorized that once it became clear Trump could lose, Republicans reacted by kicking into their "self-preservation" instinct. This prompted Delaney to point out a major hypocrisy within this line of thinking:

"... So the same drive for self-preservation that led these turd balls to endorse him in the first place has compelled them to pull the rip cord when Access Hollywood [sic] revealed their pussy tape and gave them the opportunity to pretend they care about women or something. (When they’ve endorsed a guy whose running mate is Mike Pence.) Ha ha, that is funny. Funny ha ha; like a clown."

Pence is notoriously difficult when it comes to women's healthcare. In 2011, he co-sponsored a bill would have set women's rights back on matters of rape; the bill sought to "redefine rape–to 'forcible rape,' or what Todd Akin called 'legitimate rape,' to further restrict abortion access," according to Forbes. The bill did not pass.

And as Thor Benson of ATTN: previously reported, "Mike Pence has signed some of the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the country."

Here is his main message to those top Republicans who have only now dumped Trump:

"To them I say: fuck you. No. I am going to give money - and encourage others to give money - to the people running against you if you formally un-endorsed Trump on or after October 7, the day the tape was played for America. Nope, you are welded to Trump until the end, you spineless shit loaves. The good people of ActBlue were kind enough to put together a site where you can give money to the opponents of the senators, congressmen, governors and state legislators who’ve unendorsed Trump on or after October 7th. It doesn’t include some people I truly loathe, like Paul Ryan, but that’s because he’s stuck to his guns thus far and continues to toe the line, like a good little Republican."

Though his words are harsh (and perhaps a bit heavy on angsty language), this is Delaney's point: Some in the GOP did not speak out against Trump for all of his other terrible language against Hispanics, Muslims, women, veterans, a Gold Star family, POWs, and African Americans — or for mocking a disabled reporter.

For example, it took Trump's "pussy tape" to lose the support of John McCain, despite the fact that Trump said McCain isn't a war hero because, "he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured."