What 2,000 Calories Looks Like From Millennial Fast Food Favorites

October 6th 2016

Almie Rose

Millennials eat out more than other generations. Fifty-three percent of Millennials eat out, compared to 43 percent of the general population, according to Business Insider.

A more recent poll from Technomic’s 2014 fast food report shows that Millennials "accounted for 43 percent of Super-Heavy fast-food users" meaning they grabbed fast food 11 or more times per month.

And fast food an easy way for the calories to add up. How easy?

Here's What 2,000 Calories Gets You at Millennials' Favorite Fast Food Places (from least to most popular):

The restaurants are based on this list from CheatSheet, which culled these seven Millennial favorites from GlobalHue's brand report 2013. Items from each restaurant were chosen based on both popular and classic meal items that when added together totaled at least 2,000 calories.

Keep in mind 2,000 calories is usually much more than most people need for an entire day's worth of calories. So how much does 2,000 calories get you at these places?

7. Dunkin' Donuts


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Dunkin' Donuts is a Millennial favorite thanks to their coffee drinks. Getting to 2,000 calories is actually more difficult at Dunkin' Donuts than you would think.

That's a total of six items for 2,080 calories.

6. Wendy's


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That's three items for a total of 2,060 calories.

5. McDonald's


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Ah yes, McDonald's, Kanye's favorite brand.

This meal is five items for 2,050 calories.

4. Taco Bell


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Why not go for the Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch combo? Here's what you'll get.

Total is five items for 2,270 calories.

3. Subway


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It's easy to eat low calorie at Subway, and it's also easy to indulge. Here's one Subway feast.

Total is 5 items for an even 2,000 calories.

2. Panera


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When it comes to favorite sandwich places, Panera takes the edge over Subway.

That's three items for an even 2,000 calories.

1. Chipotle

Are you surprised that Chipotle is number one? Probably not.

  • One burrito with carnitas, white rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, roasted chili-corn salsa, tomatillo red-chili salsa, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole is 1,415 calories alone.
  • Add a side of chips and guacamole for 800 calories.

That's two items for 2,215 calories.

[h/t New York Times]