Kim Kardashian Harassed by Gigi Hadid's Attacker

September 28th 2016

Tricia Tongco

The serial celebrity-harasser who picked up Gigi Hadid without her consent has struck again.

According to TMZ,  he ran up to Kim Kardashian on Wednesday, "slipping past security and planting a kiss right on her left cheek. Her security pounced and took him down immediately. It's unclear if he was arrested." After the incident, Kardashian tweeted:

The man, who will remain unnamed to avoid giving him the free publicity he so clearly wants, has accosted Kardashian before. In 2014, he pulled Kardashian's hair and nearly shoved her to the ground outside of a Balmain fashion show, according to US Weekly. 

While Hadid and Kardashian have both received lots of press for their assaults, the truth is street harassment is an epidemic in the United States, with most attacks not garnering anywhere near the same amount of attention as when famous women are assaulted.

As ATTN: has previously reported, "in 2015, an international study conducted by anti-street harassment organization Hollaback! and Cornell University found that 85 percent of U.S. women reported experiencing street harassment before the age of 17, with 67 percent of women reporting that they experienced it before the age of 14."

Often these prevalent attacks go unnoticed, unreported, and not believed. Women have responded by filming their harassers, protecting each other in public, and sharing their stories on social media

Organizations such as Stop Street Harassment and Hollaback offer resources and advice for dealing with street harassment.