Donald Trump Asks Foreign Leaders for Campaign Donations

September 27th 2016

Lucy Tiven

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox has never been a big fan of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump — a man he has termed "a crazy guy" and "false prophet" over the course of Trump's presidential bid. So it may come as a shock that Fox claims he recently received an email from the Trump campaign requesting a donation.

Fox — who may be most known for his expletive laden refusal to subsidize Trump's proposed border wall — shared the email Monday in a snarky tweet.

"You are our country's only hope," the email read, and asked Fox for "a generous contribution."


While also a tad ironic in this particular case, the Trump campaign's plea for money from abroad illustrates a larger legal faux-pas that has followed the Trump campaign for quite some time, the Washington Post reports.

As the Post points out, it is illegal for American political candidates to solicit campaign donations from foreign nationals.

The Federal Election Commission explains (bolded for emphasis):

"To avoid receiving prohibited contributions, web sites soliciting contributions in connection with a federal election must inform potential contributors of all of the Act’s prohibitions, including the prohibitions on contributions from corporations, labor organizations, federal government contractors and foreign nationals."

But according to various media reports, the Trump camp has repeatedly solicited such prohibited foreign contributions.


In fundraising efforts that surfaced in June, the campaign attempted to solicit cash from various lawmakers in Iceland, Australia, Scotland, and the United Kingdom.

Sir Roger Gale, a British member of Parliament spoke to the Post about a series of such emails. “I’ve gotten rid of most of that rubbish,” a peeved Gale remarked.

These emails to foreign leaders drew attention from the campaign finance watchdog groups Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center, who filed June complaints with the Federal Election Commission and penned a letter to the Justice department in July.

Yet, the campaign has apparently continued to fire off emails abroad.

“The Trump campaign’s continuing solicitation of campaign contributions from people who are obviously foreign nationals is clearly illegal,” Campaign Legal Center general counsel Larry Noble told the Hill.

Noble continued: “Given the news reports, the complaint we filed with the [Federal Election Commission] and the letter we sent to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal investigation, his refusal to put a stop to the solicitations is compelling evidence of the campaign’s flagrant disregard for the law.”

ATTN: reached out to the Trump campaign for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

[h/t the Washington Post]