Chart Debunks One of the Biggest Myths About Bisexuality

September 23rd 2016

Lucy Tiven

Despite recent increases in American men and women who identify as bisexual, being "bi" still remains somewhat stigmatized and misunderstood.

bisexuality stigma

There's a common misconception that identifying as bi is either a "phase" or a precursor to coming out as gay or lesbian — which delegitimizes the experiences of people attracted to both men and women.

In honor of Friday's Bi Visibility Day, Twitter users shared charts debunking myths that bisexual people encounter.

As ATTN: has reported previously, bi women can face the misogynistic stereotype they are only pursuing sex or relationships with women for male attention.

Bisexual individuals of both genders may be disrespectfully interrogated by their peers about the ratio of relationships they have had with each gender — as if your sexuality is something you need to illustrate with evidence.


As these charts cleverly point out, being bi isn't something you have to prove with a statistical history that reflects equal numbers of male and female sexual partners.

It also doesn't mean you are "half gay and half straight" — it is a unique sexual orientation and identity that is itself worthy of recognition.

Bi Chart 2

You can be bisexual even if you've never had a same sex partner, just as you can be heterosexual or homosexual even if you've never had sex or been in a romantic relationship.

Bi chart 3

Studies have shown that bisexual people even face discrimination within LGBT community, and they are more hesitant to come out than their gay and lesbian counterparts, the Daily Beast reports.

bi chart 4

You can learn more about the bisexuality stigma in the ATTN: video on Facebook and below.