Steve Harvey's Advice for Surviving Police Interactions

September 22nd 2016

Tricia Tongco

In the aftermath of the recent police shooting and killing of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, Steve Harvey shared on his show detailed instructions on how to survive an encounter with the police as a black man, which he learned firsthand.

The motivation behind following these rules is to "[not] give them a pin to stick you with," according to Harvey. The tips themselves are incredibly intricate, illustrating how the burden of responsibility in those situations falls heavily on black civilians rather than police officers.

People on Twitter responded to the palpable sense of fear driving the need to come up with such an exhaustive method for interacting with police and its unfairness.

Others noted how complying does not always work either, highlighting how the discussion should be shifted to police actions instead.

A similar conversation arose after black country singer Coffey Anderson posted a controversial Facebook video with a list of detailed steps to follow when pulled over by the police. As ATTN: previously reported, it "earned a mixed response, with some Facebook commenters alleging he absolved police officers of their role in escalating violence."

Whether or not people share that criticism of such rules, Steve Harvey's advice is a reflection of the current state of policing in America – one in which police shootings of unarmed black men has become a regular occurrence, which requires a plan in response.