YouTuber's 'Third Coming out' Explains a Misunderstood Aspect of Sexuality

September 21st 2016

Almie Rose

Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube star and LGBTQ activist, has lead what many would consider a non-traditional life in her 24 years, and she's been vlogging most of it.

Gigi, whose Youtube channel has more than 2.4 million subscribers, has previously come out as a gay man and later, a trans woman.

Her latest video, in which she comes out as a lesbian, marks her "third coming out video" and clarifies a misperception about the link between sexuality and gender.

"I fell in love with somebody, and that person happens to be female."

Gorgeous explains that she was initially hesitant to come out for a third time, but thinks it's important to be open and honest with her fans, and to reassure anyone who is questioning their own sexuality.

"I've been doing doing a lot of reflecting and examining on who I am, and who I've become, and the changes I've gone through," she says.

She continues:

"And I fell in love with somebody, and that person happens to be female. ... I never thought that I would be making this video, because I always thought that I would be with a man.

But after everything I've gone through, and the two other coming out videos I made — one in high school, as a gay man, and one as a transgender female — I thought I was done, I thought that was it. I really did.

It's been killing me inside, every single day, and I'm so happy I'm finally sitting down and talking to you guys, and letting you guys know that from this point forward, I am a lesbian. And I want to let anyone out there questioning their sexuality or what's normal or how they should feel or should act that it's okay to feel this way."

Sexuality and gender are not the same thing.

There are no rules determining who a person is attracted to based on their gender identity. Just because Gigi Gorgeous is a transgender woman doesn't mean she is automatically attracted to men.

"Our gender is our social and legal status as men or women," Planned Parenthood explains. "And sexual orientation is the term used to describe whether a person feels sexual desire for people of the other gender, same gender, or both genders."

As for being transgender?

"Some of us are transgender — which means that our biological sex and our gender identity do not match up."

Being transgender doesn't mean that your sexual orientation is defined in any certain way. You can be attracted to whomever you're attracted to regardless of your gender identity.

"I thought that I knew who I was attracted to. But then someone may come along in your life and you're like, ding, that's the person!" Gorgeous says, snapping her fingers. "And that's okay. Accept that."

You can watch Gigi Gorgeous' coming out video below.

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