This Fraternity Email Is an Example for Those Who Deny Rape Culture

September 14th 2016

Almie Rose

If you needed proof aside from Brock Turner, Austin Wilkerson, and John Enochs that rape culture is still thriving on college campuses, this leaked email from a fraternity at the University of Richmond should illuminate you.

University of Richmond

Washington Post reports the school's Kappa Alpha chapter is responsible for an email printed in The Collegian, University of Richmond's independent student newspaper, which preps male frat members for "the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school."

"Today is the day boys."

So begins the email, which was sent to around 100 University of Richmond on-campus students. It continues (emphasis mine):

"Lodge season has finally arrived. We just wanted to send out a reminder that our theme for the night is ameriKA. Roll through in your best red, white, and blue (or be naked for all I care, just make sure your ass makes it out tonight).

[...] This is gonna be one for the books. Both [redacted] and I have the night off so we're looking forward to watching that lodge virginity be gobbled up for all y'all. See you boys tonight.

If you haven't already started drinking, catch up. Tonight's the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school. Let's get it."

The Kappa Alpha chapter has been suspended and is being investigated not only by University of Richmond but also by national fraternity officials.

The problem with these emails.

Some may think drinking and having parties is part of the college experience, and while that may be true, the language used in these emails shouldn't be a part of anyone's college experience. No experience at college should feature "the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school" and thinking this is acceptable is why rape culture is able to thrive.

The University of Pennsylvania campus was recently plastered in fliers highlighting an email from an off-campus organization for a party ("Wednesday nights will get you going/With bankers flowing all night/Tonight is your first showing/So please wear something tight") with the words "THIS IS WHAT RAPE CULTURE LOOKS LIKE" printed above it.

These emails are particularly troubling considering that one student, Cecilia Carreras, is speaking out against the University of Richmond for protecting her alleged rapist.

In an essay for The Huffington Post, Carreras wrote

"We have a problem at Richmond. A problem that is made worse by an administration that justifies reported rapes and judges the survivor’s credibility on a harsher scale than the accused’s."

[h/t The Washington Post]