Solange Knowles Reveals an Uncomfortable Truth About 'White Spaces'

September 10th 2016

Thor Benson

Solange Knowles went on Twitter to vent about an experience she had that illustrates why black people sometimes don't feel comfortable in what she is calling "white spaces."

She sets the scene at a concert, where her and her family were in the minority of attendees.

They start dancing, as one does at such an event, but other concert-goers aren't having it.

Knowles points out that when black citizens are just trying to have a good time like everybody else, it's often labeled as creating drama.

This issue came up again in April when a group of 11 women (10 black and 1 white) were ejected from a Napa Valley Wine Train for being "too loud." They sued the company for $11 million and reached a settlement shortly after, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

These incidents show that there is still much progress that needs to happen in race relations.