Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton You Can Learn By Watching 'Election'

September 10th 2016

Almie Rose

There's a reason why some people are talking about "Election," the 1999 movie directed by Alexander Payne starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. Hint: it's in the title.

Spoiler alert ahead

"Election" is a movie based on a book about an election for student council president and all of the drama that ensues. Tracy Flick, played by Reese Witherspoon, is a driven high school student who wants more than anything to win the election.

Her teacher Jim McAllister, played by Matthew Broderick, would like nothing more than to see her lose.

Hillary Flick/Tracy Clinton

Hillary Clinton is Tracy Flick. No one likes Tracy Flick. She's very serious about the election, is a straight A+ by-the-books student, and tries hard to control her emotions, which makes her seem cold and uncaring. Sounds familiar, right?

So students don't really like Tracy Flick. And, like today, young people also don't really like Hillary Clinton. In some cases, that's putting it midly.

But prefering Hillary Clinton shouldn't be a radical act. She has a long list of qualifications and is a solid and reasonable choice among those who have a realistic chance of winning the election. So let's talk about Donald Trump.

The jock/anarchist 

Donald Trump is a hybrid of the characters Paul and Tammy Metzler. Paul Metzler is the popular jock who has no experience in student government. The very idea of him running for president is absurd even to him.

He also doesn't quite understand how democracy works.

Tammy is Paul's sister. She's only running for student council president because her crush, Lisa, left her for Paul. She's catering to her own selfish interests, not the student council's.

Tammy doesn't actually want to be president, and she's widely mocked by her fellow classmates until she gives her speech:

"Who cares about this stupid election? We all know it doesn't matter who gets elected president of Carver. Do you really think it's going to change anything around here? Make one single person smarter or happier or nicer? The only person it does matter to is the one who gets elected. The same pathetic charade happens every year, and everyone makes the same pathetic promises just so they can put it on their transcripts to get into college. So vote for me, because I don't even want to go to college, and I don't care, and as president I won't do anything. The only promise I will make is that if elected I will immediately dismantle the student government, so that none of us will ever have to sit through one of these stupid assemblies again!"

She nearly incites anarchy among the students.

Tracy doesn't think any of this is fair.

There’s no denying that has Tracy has the resumé to be student council president, and it's clear she actually wants the job? She’s a straight-A student who has participated in the Spanish Club, Yearbook Staff, Future Business Leaders and the Student Government Association (she even chaired all the committees). 

Sound like any former senators/secretary of states/first ladies who have previously run for president that you know?

She is an unstoppable force and is nearly punished for her drive by her own teacher, who is rooting for her failure, quite possibly because of his own lustful feelings for her. But it's not her fault she was born a woman.

In the end, it didn't matter whether or not Tracy Flick was liked. She knew it, too. That was the sacrifice she was willing to make to be great.