Amy Schumer Shuts Down Heckler Who Screams 'Show Us Your Tits!'

September 1st 2016

Almie Rose

You do not want to mess with Amy Schumer while she's at work.

Schumer was only two minutes into her set at the Hovet venue in Stockholm, Sweden, when she was interrupted by a heckler who, prompted by nothing, shouted "Show us your tits!"

Rather than ignore him or curse at him, Schumer took a different approach. First, she asked everyone to point to the heckler, to single him out, which the crowd was happy to do:

Then, she engaged in conversation with him, asking what he does for a living. He said he works in "sales."

"How's that working out?" Schumer asked, as the audience laughed. She then warned him that if he interrupted her again, he would be escorted out. (Though Schumer phrased it a bit differently: "If you yell out again, you're going to be yelling 'show your tits' to people in the parking lot, 'cause you're gonna get thrown out, motherfucker.")

A simple enough request, right? Nice of her to even give him a second chance, right? Surely he'll respect her this time, right?

Nope! He just has to shout something else, indistinguishable as it was. As he is escorted out he mutters "I was about to go anyway." Just to confirm she made the right decision, Schumer asks the audience to clap if he should leave, to which she receives loud applause.

"I'll show my tits when I want to."

In the midst of Schumer's skillful takedown of the heckler, she tells him and the crowd, "I'll show my tits when I want to." She raises an excellent point: women's bodies don't exist simply for men to comment on, and that's true whether you're a woman who is exercising, walking down the street, or performing stand-up.

While any successful comedian knows they will at some point likely have to deal with hecklers, there's little doubt that female comedians receive some of the worst of it. Comedian Leslie Jones quit Twitter due to severe harassment. When she decided to return to the social media platform, her own website was hacked.

Schumer's takedown of the ultimate catcaller was brilliant justice not only for comedians, but for women.

You can watch the full video of Schumer taking down her heckler below.