The Effect on Men When Their Girlfriends Talk a Lot About Sex

August 20th 2016

Thor Benson

Men may like sex, but they get anxious when a new female partner talks about sex too much, a new study found.

Men become worried when a woman expresses the desire to have sex too frequently at the beginning of a relationship, according to research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

"Men are intimidated by women's sexuality," psychologist Moran Mizrahi, one of the study's coauthors, told Mic. "There's social pressure towards women to be seductive and sexual in some way. On the other hand, when women do that too much ... or too early, it might be intimidating. It's a really difficult task for women to walk between the lines."

Researchers studied 62 new heterosexual couples and had them fill out surveys that analyzed how they felt about their relationships over an eight-month period. The couples also participated in videotaped interviews about their relationships.

Researchers found anxiety about the relationship fell over time, and men were specifically less anxious as women expressed sexual desire less frequently.

The study showed that men saw female desire as intimidating in certain ways, and concluded that that can have a negative effect on the new relationship.

Mizrahi said that she hopes couples who read her study will avoid ending a relationship too early because of issues like this.