Hillary Clinton's Campaign Just Responded to 2 Conspiracy Theories About Her Health

August 20th 2016

Thor Benson

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump fed into conspiracy theories this week that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is not healthy enough to be president.

"Importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face, not only in terrorism, but in trade, and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around," Trump said in a national security speech on Aug. 15 in Youngstown, Ohio.

Trump was alluding to a conspiracy theory that Clinton is ill or suffering from undisclosed health problems, which her campaign has repeatedly denied.

The hashtag #WheresHillary began trending on Friday, questioning why Clinton wasn't in Louisiana after the floods. Trump fed that speculation by tweeting that she was sleeping.

Fake medical records have circulated on social media showing that Clinton has "advancing subcortical vascular dementia" and "frequent complex partial seizures," according to CBS News.

A Twitter post claiming to show a magnetic resonance angiogram of Clinton's brain also said she had an abnormality in her brain tissue.

Clinton's doctor, Lisa Bardack, said that all of these documents are fake and repeated her opinion that Clinton is healthy.

"As Secretary Clinton's long time physician, I released a medical statement during the campaign indicating that she is in excellent health. I have recently been made aware of allegedly 'leaked' medical documents regarding Secretary Clinton with my name on them. These documents are false, were not written by me, and are not based on any medical facts. To reiterate what I said in my previous statement, Secretary Clinton is in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States."

Clinton's campaign said that Trump is "parroting lies based on fabricated documents."