The Real Problem With the Naked Trump Statue

August 19th 2016

Almie Rose

A statue of a naked Donald Trump has appeared in a few cities across the United States, inspiring a flurry of Instagram photos, Snaps, and Tweets taking delight in the unflattering depiction of the Republican presidential nominee.

But some, even though they are strongly opposed to Donald Trump and everything he stands for, aren't happy about the statue. 

The statues aren't just a cheap shot against Trump.

The art piece depicts a naked Trump with an oversized stomach, no testicles and a miniscule penis. 


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But why is that necessary? Though we haven't seen what Trump's genitals look like, we know he isn't nearly as fat as the statue depicts him. By showing him with that body type, it's as though it's been determined that one of the greatest insults is to be fat.

For Trump's critics, his flaws lie not in his appearance, but in his words and actions. Making a fat statue of him does nothing to outline any critique of his policies, and actually hurts people struggling with their own body image and weight far more than it hurts the former reality TV show host.

Which is what Katie Oldaker, a writer and candlemaker from Pittsburgh points out brilliantly in her Facebook post:


"After seeing several pictures of the Donald Trump statue, I realize the artist's rendition of his stomach is quite similar to my own stomach," she begins.

"I have a lot of good body-days. I'll go for a long walk and my legs astonish me or I'll come up with an idea that's brilliant and I'm in awe of this vessel that pumps all this blood to my brain.

It doesn't take much, unfortunately, to flip that switch.


I'm a resilient person, generally speaking, but it's like the light in the room is a candle and someone dumps a glass of water on it. It takes a bit for the wick to dry out and I waste a lot of matches trying to light it again. Today's not going to be a good body-day and the forecast for the next few days doesn't look good.

There's so much more that can be said about an evil person and if you can't find better commentary, maybe you shouldn't bother making it."

Comments are in agreement.

Trump statue comment

And the statue is not only fatphobic.

There are issues with the statue beyond Trump's girth. 

Trump statue comment

People are sick of the notion that to be a "real man" one must posses a large penis and testicles, because what does that say about trans men? 

It's time that we retire this idea, along with the idea that it's perfectly fine to mock men for having small penises. 

Let's focus our criticism of politicians on what matters.

To quote Michelle Obama, "When they go low, we go high."