5 Former Trump Supporters Share What Their 'Last Straw' Was

August 13th 2016

Thor Benson

Former Donald Trump supporters took to Reddit on Friday to explain what their "final straw" when it came to turning their backs on the Republican presidential nominee.

Here's are some of their responses:

1. Trump's stance on the Geneva Convention.

"The Geneva Conventions is a problem," one redditor wrote, alluding to the time Donald Trump said he supports torturing terrorists. The Geneva Conventions are a number of treaties that dictate how prisoners of war, soldiers, and civilians must be treated during wartime. Trump said he wants these rules to be changed in some way.

2. How he backs out.

"When he called out Hillary for not debating, offered to debate Bernie, then wussed out when Bernie accepted," another redditor wrote. Trump had originally said that Hillary Clinton should debate Bernie Sanders before the California primary, which she declined to do, and he said he would debate Sanders if she wouldn't. Days later, Trump released a statement saying he would not debate Bernie Sanders, though Sanders had agreed to do it, as it would be "inappropriate."

3. He wants to abolish the EPA.

"I was going to vote for Trump until he swore that he will get rid of the EPA and he's suggested that pollution drifts off into space," one redditor wrote. Trump has said he would abolish the EPA, but he hasn't exactly said pollution just "drifts off into space." The redditor explained his comment later in the thread.

"It was the speech he made yesterday to West Virginia coal miners," the redditor wrote. "He said something along the lines of Hillary not understanding that the Earth is so small that it can't pollute the universe. So in his mind when we burn coal it doesn't stay on Earth, it drifts off into space." Trump did say in the linked video that we "have a small planet compared to universe" and that other countries aren't "cleaning" their coal.

4. Everything is just "sarcasm."

"When all his excuses came to be 'I was only joking' or 'It was sarcasm,'" a redditor wrote. Trump caused quite a controversy recently when he said that him saying President Obama was the founder of ISIS was "sarcasm." He has said multiple times over the past few months that he was being sarcastic or that people aren't understanding him properly after he made controversial comments.

5. And a funny one...

One redditor slipped a joke in with their response. "I'd say about mid-season of the first Apprentice," they wrote. "I mean seriously, how did Omarosa make it that deep into the show?"

It's clear that Trump has alienated many people who originally supported him, and he's going to have to offend less people if he wants a chance at becoming president.