How Twitter Is Trolling the Hell out of Donald Trump

August 9th 2016

Almie Rose

Have you noticed what Donald Trump does when he wants to insult someone or start a rumor without directly insulting someone or starting a rumor?


He shifts the focus off of him by insisting the rumor didn't start with him. Here's an example:

This way, Trump's not saying it — no, no — "many people" are saying it.

(For the record, Trump's claim has been debunked by the Washington Post's Josh Rogin. Clinton and staffers did discuss the Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who was executed by his country on charges of treason last week, on a private email server on two occasions in 2010. However, Rogin notes that Amiri was on the Iranian government's radar well before Clinton's emails were made public.)

Well, it appears that Twitter is largely fed up with Trump using Twitter as his personal burn book and is once again using Trump's own words against him.


Many people are saying that Donald Trump might be regretting giving Twitter a hashtag to mock him.

From real observations to outright silliness, here's how Twitter is turning Trump's phrase "many people are saying" into a hashtag.

Trump's history of spreading hearsay, or inventing allegations from whole cloth, extends far beyond his 2016 presidential claim. It was indeed Trump himself who helped the fledgling "birther" movement — a fact-deprived school of thought that insisted President Barack Obama was not a United States citizen — into a mainstream talking point.

Now, the tables seem to be turning. As the Daily Beast reported on Monday, an automated bot created by Reddit users has been tweeting the accusation that Donald Trump won't release his tax returns because it shows he made donations to the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

There's no truth to the rumor, but that's just what many people are saying.

[h/t Huffington Post]