Victoria's Secret Keeps Getting the Same Criticism for Its Photos

August 8th 2016

Laura Donovan

Victoria's Secret is no stranger to image controversies, and a new photo on the brand's Instagram page is just the latest example of this.

Commenters are saying that the photo below of models Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell appears to have been heavily Photoshopped, a tool that Victoria's Secret has been accused of abusing in the past:

Some wrote that due to light inconsistencies in the image, Hunt's arm (the model on the left) appears to be Photoshopped to look thinner. Commenters also pointed out that Hunt's elbow placement on Maxwell's back does not look realistic or natural:



As noted by Cosmopolitan, Hunt's arm looks more toned in a recent photo she posted on Instagram:


A photo posted by Martha Hunt (@marthahunt) on

Women are often stigmatized for appearing too muscular or toned in our culture, as ATTN: previously noted in a video:

ATTN: reached out to Victoria's Secret regarding Photoshop claims leveed against this Instagram photo and will update this piece if the company responds.

Victoria's Secret has come under fire a few times for Photoshop controversies.

Many people have spoken out against excessive use of Photoshop in ads and media for fueling unrealistic body image standards in women. Victoria's Secret in particular has been accused of perpetuating such body image standards by promoting a narrow idea of beauty and allegedly Photoshopping models to fit this ideal.

Last year, commenters wrote that a photo on Victoria's Secret Facebook page looked doctored because a chunk of the featured woman's arm appears missing:

Several years ago, the brand was criticized for erasing model Marissa Miller's arm from a photo on their website:

Victoria's Secret

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