Photo Series Shows Women Overcoming Their Body Shaming Experiences In Real Time

August 3rd 2016

Laura Donovan

A New Jersey-based photographer is gaining praise for her photo series that enables women to confront critical comments they've heard about their bodies through empowering self-portraits.

In photographer Jess Fielder's collection, women hold up signs that list putdowns they have heard about their bodies. Those photo was then contrasted with a photos of the same women holding up signs that uplift their self image.

One woman, for example, holds up a sign stating that she was once told having children would kill her sexiness:

In the follow-up image, however, the same woman says having a baby only increased her beauty:

Another woman's sign describes being body shamed for not having "meat on [her] bones":

She responds that she is confident the way she is:

Fielder wrote on Facebook that it was moving to see these women hold up the second card that shuts down the initial put down directed at them:

"These women were willing to bare not just their bodies but a little bit of their hearts for this project. I asked them to write down something another person has said to them in their lives about their bodies that impacted their self confidence negatively. Then I had them write down something they know to be true of themselves that has nothing to do with physicality. I loved the moment of seeing their faces and demeanors change when they held up the second card. They are all beautiful. period. I hope that for at least those couple hours, they knew it to be true."











Fielder's Facebook photo series has garnered nearly 150,000 reactions on the platform:


ATTN: reached out to Fielder for comment on her photo series and will update this story if she responds.

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