Patton Oswalt's Tribute to His Late Wife Reveals Something Important About Grief

August 2nd 2016

Laura Donovan

Three months after the sudden death of his wife Michelle McNamara, comedian Patton Oswalt has shared a powerful message about grief on Facebook.

Though his post highlights the many terrible aspects of loss, Oswalt also reveals the ways in which people have helped him heal whether they know him personally or not:

"You will have been shown new levels of humanity and grace and intelligence by your family and friends. They will show up for you, physically and emotionally, in ways which make you take careful note, and say to yourself, 'Make sure to try to do that for someone else someday.' Complete strangers will send you genuinely touching messages on Facebook and Twitter, or will somehow figure out your address to send you letters which you'll keep and re-read 'cause you can't believe how helpful they are."


The post has garnered nearly 100,000 reactions and 20,000 shares within less than 24 hours:


When Oswalt's wife died in April, his fans and fellow performers sent him love and support on social media:

You can read Oswalt's full post here.