Six Flags Called out for Alleged Dress Code Sexism

August 1st 2016

Almie Rose

At a Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in Jackson, New Jersey, a security guard asked that a woman change her shirt because it was "inappropriate" — but had absolutely no problem when a man wore the same exact shirt.

Bina Ramesh described on Facebook what happened when she wore a simple v-neck t-shirt to the theme park.

"As I was entering Six Flags I was stopped by security because my top was considered inappropriate for the park's standards."

This is what Ramesh was wearing:

Six Flags inappropriate t-shirt

"This is me wearing the scandalous horribly inappropriate see through top," she commented, adding jokingly, "please children shield your eyes."

The park security guard's solution was to literally pay for her "mistake."

Ramesh describes in a comment what happened after the security guard stopped her. "[...] they offered me the option that I could buy something from their apparel," she writes, "and I refused to spend money because a security guard couldn't keep his eyes away from my cleavage."

So what did she do?

Ramesh simply went to the parking lot and switched t-shirts with her boyfriend. And guess what? The park had no problem with a man wearing the same shirt.

What exactly was their problem with Ramesh wearing the shirt?

According to Ramesh, their problem was "the shirt was see-through because you could see my neon blue bandeau through the shirt." Which is debatable, as it's difficult to make out what's under Ramesh's shirt in the above photo. But even if it were see-through, that doesn't violate Six Flag's official dress code, which states:

Six Flags Dress Code

People are baffled by the security guard's reaction.

Rarely is the internet in agreement on something, but in this case, commenters on Facebook and Instagram alike are utterly baffled by and even angry with the security guard at the theme park.

Six Flags Instagram comments

Some have even reached out to Six Flags on their official Facebook page, and were met with no response:

And others have said that a similar incident has happened to them or someone they know.

Six Flags did reach out to Ramesh to apologize.

On Monday, Ramesh posted the Park's response on her Facebook page:


"We are extremely sorry for the experience you had while at the park," she wrote.

"Our goal is for all of our guests to have a fun visit and we understand this was not the case for you.Our team members are trained, and then asked to use their judgment [sic] in carrying out our policies. These particular officers did not use good judgment [sic] and there is no reason you should have been denied entry."

A representative from Six Flags told us,

"We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused Ms. Ramesh. We strive to maintain a family-friendly environment and similar to many other public venues, we have a dress code. Our team members are trained and then asked to use their good judgement [sic] in carrying out our policies, which did not occur in this case. She should not have been denied entry. Ms. Ramesh accepted our apology and since she is a season pass holder, we have invited her friends to join her as our guests."

One thing is certain: Six Flags' dress code policy needs some serious clarification.

ATTN: has reached out to Bina Ramesh and will update if we hear back.

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Update: 8/1 12:09 p.m. PST: This story was updated to include a response from a Six Flags representative.