Elizabeth Warren Just Responded to Trump's Attacks on the Muslim Soldier's Family

July 31st 2016

Aron Macarow

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) slammed Donald Trump again on Facebook, this time for his response to the Khans, a Muslim-American family who lost their son while he was serving in Iraq as a captain in the United States Army.

Warren ripped into Trump, shared a clip from her speech last week at the Democratic National Convention — which focused on what she sees as Trump's attempts to divide the country "by fanning the flames of fear and hatred" — and posted her thoughts on his response to the Khans.

Her response has been shared more than 1,300 times and received more than 11,000 reactions within the first hour after she posted it.

"I’m disgusted by Donald Trump's selfish, hate-filled attacks on the parents of an American Muslim soldier who died bravely serving our country in Iraq. Disgusted – but not surprised," she wrote. "Trump's plan is to turn Americans against each other. A deceitful and ugly blame game that says, whatever worries you, the answer is to blame that other group. Spend your energy hating them. And when that happens, there will be no energy to make real change, and guys like Donald Trump can stay on top."

Warren said that there is an answer to the problems presented by Trump's candidacy: Realizing that it's not actually about the Donald at all.

"At the end of the day, this election isn't about Donald Trump’s cruelty," Warren wrote. "It's about us. About our patriotism. About our Constitution that Khizr Khan keeps in his pocket. It is precisely in times like these, when our voices must be heard louder than ever, that we cannot turn on each other. Along with the parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, now is the time to stand together."

Trump has responded to criticism of his remarks about the Khan family, tweeting this response early Sunday, but he has yet to respond to Warren's comments specifically. 

Watch the full clip Warren posted to Facebook:

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