Anonymous Goes After Sarah Silverman

July 27th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

A person claiming to represent the hacker-activist collective Anonymous reportedly seized control of comedian Sarah Silverman's Twitter account on Wednesday, posting a link to an Anonymous-style YouTube video criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Silverman

The hack came just two days after Silverman criticized Bernie Sanders supporters who are refusing to vote for Clinton in the general election, The Daily Dot reports. After her speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Silverman, who served as a surrogate for Sanders' campaign, chastised the "Bernie or Bust" movement.

"Can I just say — to the Bernie or Bust people, you're being ridiculous," Silverman said.

The insult wasn't taken lightly by the minority of Sanders supporters who steadfastly oppose Clinton. Her refrain was met with a choir of boos from some Sanders delegates, and on social media, many users took issue with Silverman's call for party unity.

It's unclear if the hack was in direct response to Silverman's comment, however, it is clear that the group takes issue with the comedian providing even tacit support to Clinton.

After hacking Silverman's account, the individual posted a tweet that reads "America, are you awakening?" followed by a link to an anti-Clinton YouTube video and the hashtags #Hillary4Prison and #Anonymous. The four-minute video features a man in a Guy Fawkes mask making the case that Clinton has misrepresented the motives behind her presidential run.

"You act like you will benefit the human collective and many believe and blindly support you," the masked individual says. "But we know your real intentions, your real motives, and your real plans."

Silverman retweeted the post and informed her followers of the security breach. "MY TWITTER ACCT GOT HACKED THIS IS NOT ME," she wrote. The first tweet has since been deleted.

Anonymous' stance on the 2016 presidential election hasn't been particularly consistent — which is probably because the group lacks a central authority and individual members have been known to act autonomously, as ATTN: previously reported. Other individuals claiming to represent Anonymous have declared war against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but the collective hasn't offered a formal endorsement of Sanders.

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